10 Advantages of Wearing a Watch Over Using a Smartphone

Why wear a watch when you can check the time on your phone? It’s an argument if the only reason for a watch is to tell time. But luxury watches for people are more than a timepiece. They’re a part of your fashion. For many, they’re an heirloom that will stay in the family for generations.

Let’s talk about why rocking a timepiece on your wrist is the superior choice, for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with knowing the time.


There’s still a certain pride when a son is given his father’s watch. A luxury watch can be left in your will, and will certainly have more meaning than leaving behind a smartphone


A watch is something that will be special for years. If you were to buy your son a special watch for graduation, you can expect to still see it proudly on his wrist at his first job interview or other important events.


Watches are much stronger than smartphones. You can swim with them, have an active lifestyle. Even if you drop your watch, you can be sure that they will work without problems.


If you have a big collection of watches you can start the day deciding which of their watches will go best with that day’s outfit or plans. This doesn’t work with smartphones 🙂


Imagine you’re meeting a group of people for the first time, and one of them is wearing a luxury watch. Each watch choice gives you silent clues as to what each is like personality-wise (and, let’s face it, income-wise) and what he or she wants from his or her watch.


Rare and historically significant watches are being auctioned for impressive amounts of money. Watches can sometimes be an investment that will pay off years down the road.


You can glance at your watch for the time, admire its artistry, and stare in amazement at the precision movements…and never have to pay a monthly fee!


I remember as a kid growing up my grandfather having a pocket watch. Watches aren’t something you can just mass produce, at least not the good ones. There is a lot of craftsmanship that goes into building a good watch. Each one unique in style and function. Each one with a story to be told. So style and build are important when choosing the right watch for yourself.


It’s amazing how a piece of jewellery or a scarf, a tailored jacket or a fancy pair of dress shoes help make us feel confident. Well, a wristwatch adds the same to our style. People notice watches. A watch will make you feel confident and build your confidence. There’s just something about wearing one that holds a value of importance that cannot be explained. It’s more important to be noticed than not noticed, and wearing a watch helps you get noticed.


If you choose the right watch (a Metal and Wooden watch perhaps) then you will get complimented on it, we assure you. And who in their right mind doesn’t like someone they know telling them what good taste they have!

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